02-46-358 Cognitive Processes Midterm 2 - Chp 6

Can you name the 02-46-358 Cognitive Processes Midterm 2 - Chp 6?

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Knowledge of and control of one's own cognitive processes is called ______
The ______-_______ effect predicts that someone will recall information better if the learning is spread out over multiple instances.
Using visual imagery to recall 2 unrelated words (e.g. car, dog) requires one visualize the two stimuli interacting (e.g. the car eating dog), this is an example of a ___ device
Recalling the letters of the rainbow by using the acronym ROY G BIV is an example of the ______-_______ technique
A flexible and sesnitive approach to feedback from the world in order to improve learning strategies was referred to by Langer as _______
________ memory would allow you to remember that you need to study for your next exam tomorrow
A device external to yourself, such as a rubber-band around the wrist, that helps you remember to do something is called a _______ _______ _______
We tend to be ______ (better/worse) at judging our memory for individual items compared to a whole memory test
A cognitive disorder characterized by reduced ability to pay attention in school, work, or other activities is called _______(acronymn)
Students who score poorly on tests often have (intact/impaired) metamemory
The subjective feeling that you know the word you are trying to remember but cannot come up with the answer is called the _____-__-___-____ phenomenon
One's awareness and thoughts about how well one comprehends a topic is called _______

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