02-46-358 Cognitive Processes Midterm 2 - Chapter 7

Can you name the 02-46-358 Cognitive Processes Midterm 2 - Chapter 7?

True or false, imagery relies exclusively on top-down processing
Which theory postulates that mental images are stored in abstract language-like form that does not resemble the original stimulus?
Research focusing on which spatial skill has yielded the most consistent and largest gender differences?
True or false, the majority of research supports the propositional approach to mental imagery
Lesions to which part of the brian can lead to mental imagery impairments?
Study of cognitive maps is part of a larger topic called _______ cognition
Thinking that a police station and a courthouse are closer than a police station and a record store occurs because the first two are part of the same _________ category
According to the _________ theory, we create a mental image of an object that closely resembles the actual physical object
This lobe of the brain is particularly active when making changes in the structure of visual images?
Assuming that driving from Toronto to Windsor takes longer than driving from Windsor to Toronto is due to the _________ effect
A ________ is a general problem solving strategy that often produces the correct solution
Which model emphasizes the importance of the above-below spatial dimension?
Thinking that Windsor is North of Detroit is due to which type of heuristic?
What was the name of the behaviourist that was opposed to studying imagery because he believed it was not observable?

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