02-46-358 Cognitive Processes Midterm 2 - Chapter 5

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Questionkey concept
Deeper levels of processing encourage recall of learned material because of what 2 factors?
You are especially likely to remember information that you can relate to yourself. This experimental finding is termed the ________
Craik and Lockhart's (1972) description of the levels of processing approach emphasized what memory process?
When testing memory, what process is being tested when participants must identify whether they saw a particular item at an earlier time?
On a task of _________ memory, participants are conscious their memory is being tested
Loss of memory for events that occurred prior to brain injury is known as _______
What process refers to the identification of the origin of memories?
Many people are able to recall exactly what they were doing when they heard about the September 11th terrorist attacks. This is an example of a _______
Questionkey concept
__________ inteference refers to difficulty recalling old material following exposure to new material.
Studies of what type of memory use memory accuracy as the dependent variable?
Repetition priming tasks are intended to assess what type of memory?
Pleasant items are usually processed more quickly and accurately than less pleasant items. This is a central tenet of the _______ principle
A _______ occurs when a variable has one kind of effect if measured by Test A and the opposite effect if measured by Test B
Patient HM had a portion of his ______ lobe removed for treatment of epilepsy.
Individuals with retrograde amnesia can perform as accurately as people without brain damage on tests of what type of memory?

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