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Name the cognitive process that is brief,limited, and allows you to keep information active and accessible?
According to George Miller, approximately how many items can we hold in short-term memory?
The following Windsor telephone number (519) 583-2456 consists of how many chunks?
The U-shaped relationship between a word’s position in a list and its probability of recall is referred to as
Pronunciation time/word length has been associated with which component of working memory?
Better recall for items at the end of a list is referred to as
Imagine that you are reading a story and you begin to imagine the scene. Which component of working memory is most likely responsible for this process?
Damage to which area of the brain would likely compromise activities controlled by the central executive?
Which common disorder typically diagnosed during childhood has been found to be associated with deficits on central-executive tasks?
True or false, the central executive is responsible for suppressing irrelevant information but does not store information?
Material that is held in memory for less than ________ is frequently forgotten
Deficits in working memory commonly associated with which psychological disorder?
Which component of working memory integrates information from different sensory modalities?

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