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Engaging in two or more tasks or stimuli simultaneously utilizes ______.
Focusing on a certain task or stimul at the expensive of attending to others utilizes _______.
Individuals being better at searching for features that are present than those that are absent is called the _______ effect.
The purpose of ______ is to centre the fovea on the stimulus of interest.
The number of symbols (e.g. letters, #'s) an individual perceives during a fixation is termed: _______
In Posner & Rothbart's proposed attention system, the _______ is responsible for directing spatial attention.
The inhibition of automatic responses, in favor of more refined and controlled responses , was termed by Posner & Rothbart the _______.
The component of feature-integration theory that automatically registers individual features is called _______.
The component of feature-integration theory that seeks out missing features and combinations of features is called _______.
Awareness of perceptions, memories, emotions, & thoughts is referred to as _______.
When individuals are instructed to _______ their thoughts about a topic, there is often an ironic increase in self-reported thoughts on said topic.
Individuals diagnosed with _______ disorder have an extremely difficult time inhibiting their thoughts and behaviours.
An individual who presents with the condition called _______ has preserved vision, but impaired awareness.

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