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True or false, top-down processing emphasizes the information we gather from our sensory receptors
If you are working on a task that you truly enjoy, you are likely to be influenced by which type of motivation?
Creativity is often measured using _________ approach
A problem solving strategy that involves trying out all possible answers is referred to as __________
When you use the ___________ approach in problem solving, you employ a solution to a similar, earlier problem to help in solving a new one
True or false, the hill-climbing heuristic can be useful when you do not have enough information about your alternatives?
Situated-cognition emphasizes which type of validity?
Which type of mental set involves believing that you can cultivate your intelligence and other skills, rather than having a limited amount of intelligence?
The phenomena in which stereotypes can influence our problem solving ability is referred to as?
Which type of motivation has been found to reduce creativity in certain situations?

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