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50 feet tall, 540 pounds, first in a series, fits 8,500 cubic feet of heliumThere are seven balloons of this character
72 feet long, 36 feet wide, 300 pounds, 24-parade veteranThe longest-lasting singular balloon
75 feet tall, 45 feet wide, 450 pounds, fits 9,600 cubic feet of heliumThe widest balloon ever to appear in the parade
120 feet long, vintage balloon, used in hoax, fits 8,300 cubic feet of heliumLongest balloon with a verified measurement
64 feet tall, 26 feet wide, first videogame balloon, fits 18,900 cubic feet of heliumInfamous for getting into accidents
102 feet tall, 35 feet wide, double-character balloon, balloon bouquetTallest balloon ever seen in the parade
68 feet tall, 34 feet wide, bandleader, 520 poundsSecond heaviest balloon in the 1996 parade (then who was first?)
65 feet tall, 35 feet wide, famous sidekick, 23 year veteranA second balloon was made in 1996, this time accompanied by his best friend
72 feet tall, 65 foot tail, 40 foot inner tube, Macy's official lifeguardOne of the balloons cut from the roster after 1997
55 feet tall, 26 feet wide, fits 9,000 cubic feet of helium, appeared for 21 paradesPrior to being a balloon, he was a Post cereals mascot
63 1/2 feet long, 33 3/4 feet wide, fits 8,000 cubic feet of helium, eternal parade iconContrary to popular belief, he has not appeared in the parade since 1984
63 feet tall, 24 feet wide, fits 5,200 cubic feet of helium, Muppet mascotHis stomach was ripped in the 1985 parade
61 feet long, 35 feet wide, loves eating, filled with 18,907 cubic feet of heliumThis 14-year veteran of the parade weighed 398 pounds
104 feet long, 550 pounds, flies with outstretched arms, 35 feet wideThis balloon is commonly mistaken as the largest to ever appear in the parade
55 feet tall, 33 feet wide, one-shot balloon, Scandinavian bullDespite being called a 'Laplandic Cow', he's really a bull
58 feet tall, 31 feet wide, U.S. government mascot, returned for his 50th birthdayThis balloon is the last made by Goodyear to appear in the parade--so far
57 feet long, 640 pounds, bespeckled genius, fits 21,700 cubic feet of heliumThis is the balloon that can fit the most helium
62 feet tall, 37 feet wide, 300 pounds, filled with 17,000 cubic feet of heliumThis balloon can lift up to 700 pounds!
60 feet tall, 30 feet wide, 440 pounds, a wise-quackerThis classic returned in 1984 after a 12-year absence
67 feet tall, 38 feet wide, on top of a moon, 425 poundsHer measurements are 24x34x36--feet!
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