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Can you name the I Love Lucy Characters?

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Redheaded wife of Ricky
Cuban Band Leader
Son of Lucy & Ricky
Lucy's sidekick in mayhem
Elderly landlord who was once in Vaudeville
Lived across the hall & babysat Little Ricky
Name of the bellhop during the Hollywood episodes
Country neighbor who helped in picking out furniture
Male country neighbor who worked at a TV station
Goofy mother of Lucy
Lucy's friend: lost her glasses in Hollywood and couldn't see Lucy as Harpo Marx
Guest Star: Think Baseball
Guest Star: Think Horns
Guest Star: Think Cement
Guest Star: Think Grapefruit
Guest Star: Think Macy's
Guest Star: 'Cuzin''
Guest Star; Think Little Ricky's B-day Party
Guest Star: Think Palm Springs
Guest Star: Think Brown Derby
Guest Star: Think Lucy's Hollywood Dance Partner
Guest Star: Think Paris
How many seasons did I Love Lucy air?
What instrument did Lucy play?
What city was I Love Lucy based?
What state did they move to during the last season?
Lucy was born in ______, NY
Ethel was from?
Ricky was from?
The Ricardos address in NYC
What University did Ricky attend?
The name of Ricky's nightclub.
The Ricardo's dog
Name of drink Lucy tried to promote, but got drunk.
The Uncle that raised Ricky in Cuba
Famous song Ricky would sing
Fred's middle name
Ethel's maiden name
What year was Lucy born? (the 'Passport' episode)
The movie character Ricky was going to play in Hollywood
Lucy's original designer gown is actually made out of this.
Lucy brings home from Europe this posed as a baby
What war did Fred Mertz fight in
The name of Lucy's salad dressing
What animal did the Ricardo's raise in Connecticut?
What was the name of the Ocean liner the Ricardo's sailed on to Europe
What was the real name of Fred Mertz?
What was the real name of Ethel Mertz?
Between Lucy, Ricky, Fred & Ethel, who was actually the youngest in real life.

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