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Can you name some Warrior Cat MAPs?

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Clearsky and GraywingNifty-Senpai
Scourge + Bloodclan (Colour palette)Alli Kat
Squirrelflight and BramblestarBlazethefiredragon
All Clans, All BooksWhiskermoon and Sparrow's World
Power of three arcIcedog McMuffin
Tawnypelt, Tigerstar, Brambleclawroseshards
Life is Strange Audio - Needletail, VioletpawAviator Zoroark
Voice acting - Bluestar, FireheartTenelleFlowers
Apprentices and MentorsNightfall
Apprentice LifeVelo Cira
Spottedleaf, Swiftpaw, Silverstream, Bluestar, SnowfurMaplespyder
The Prophecy BeginsVelo Cira
Bluestar, Oakheart, Graystripe, Silverstream, Crowpaw, FeathertailBlueMaroonAnimations
Darkstripe, TigerstarGlitch Sixxle
Good cats VS Evil catsWhiskermoon
Graystripe, SilverstreamXJaystarzX
The Three, IvypoolDraikinator
FirestarFaye Scribbles
Ivypool + Dark Forest TraineesBaqqinz
Breezepelt, Ivypool, Lionblaze, Firestar, Dovewingeighthsun [HITA]
Brightheart, Daisy, Ferncloud, Squirrelflight, Mousefur, etc...ThatScruffyDuckling
Kit's DeathsKitsune Kreations
BluestarGlitch Sixxle
Voice acting - Ashfur, Mapleshade, Breezepelt, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Leafpool, Sandstorm, PoppyfrostSurdiOscen
Warrior Cats DeathsChai Tea
Jay's Wing, Half MoonKeily
Apprentices, Kits, Mentors, etc...Chai Tea
Cover - Bluestar, SnowfurColacatinthehat
Leafpool (Colour palette)Gamakichisora
BramblestarCaitlyn _Drawz
YellowfangEucalyptus Splash
Scourge (half colour palette)Chocobir
Twigkit and VioletkitThatScruffyDuckling
Mothers and KitsSparrow's World

From the Vault

Island Countries Spelling Bee

by Pilgab

Geography 90s
It's too bad they aren't islands, because we'd have loved to include Beelarus and Uzbeekistan in this quiz.
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Tags:cat, host, jumbo, map, Warrior

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