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You’re disappearing with the darkness once again. When the day comes, I’m left alone in bed
Yeah, We just got the couple combo. We fit together, our own collaboration
The moment I first saw you, it was a perfect chemistry. I’m your accessory that is prepared for you
Run, run fast, wherever I go, follow me. This surpasses arrogance, it’s our overflowing confidence and instinct
Orange candle, red wine. Caught in this serene aura. The me inside me heads towards you
My close friend introduced me to a girl, I guess he felt bad for me
I tried to hold onto you. But I couldn’t easily hold you. So I forgot you without even knowing
Even if I get torn apart and cut by knives, I only need to have you
'cause you got me going crazy. Why is my crazy heart racing when I see you? As if I’ve fallen into a swamp, I am suffocating
But why didn’t they tell us the most important thing? That a break up is always waiting behind love

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