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Forced Order
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Who celebrated his birthday when Vixx were in Poland?Vixx were on Hex Sign tour
Who played Ahn Taepyung in Tomorrow Boy?It was a webdrama
Who in 2016 spring had red eyebrows?It was Dynamite era
Who had to take off his jacket on The Show?It was Chained Up 1st win
When Ravi hit the fly, on who's face it landed?It was Shangri La era
Which two members filmed VixxTV2 secret night program on a bed?One of them fell off
Who WAS scared of Leo?This memeber is really huge now
Who's friends with Jin (Bts)?They went together skiing
Who composed Moonlight?The same person composed Shadow
Who sang Without You with Yeoeun (Melody Day)?The song was part of W - Two Worlds OST
Who played Anatoly Sergievsky in Chess?It was a musical
Who's hairstyle made Leo laugh on Ask In A Box?It was Love Equation era
Which two memebers were on Hello Counselor?The last time they were together and promoted The Closer
Who went to a dog cafe?His visit was on Vlive

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