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Name the alphabetical answers to these questions about the Punic Wars.
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Renowned Greek inventor killed during the Siege of Syracuse (212 BC)A
Kingdom in Asia Minor where Hannibal spent his final yearsB
Roman orator who famously ended his speeches by calling for the destruction of CarthageC
The nickname 'Cunctator', applied to [F], roughly translates to thisD
Battle of Cape _______, battle of the first war and one of the largest naval engagements in historyE
Roman dictator in 217 BCF
Hasdrubal _____, Carthaginian general twice defeated by Scipio AfricanusG
Father of Hannibal and commander in the First Punic WarH
Battle of the Iberian theatre of the Second Punic War; considered one of Scipio's greatest victoriesI
Famed Roman leader who made the controversial decision to rebuild Carthage in 44 BC (2 words)J
Battle fought in 217 BC, possibly the largest ambush attack in history (2 words)L
This kingdom's leader, Philip V, sided with Hannibal in 215 BCM
African territory united as a Roman-allied kingdom in 202 BCN
Historian who wrote detailed accounts of the Punic Wars, and personally witnessed the fall of CarthageP
Warship of the Punic navy, captured and reproduced by the RomansQ
Major river crossed by Hannibal on his journey to ItalyR
Iberian city besieged by Hannibal, leading to the outbreak of the Second Punic War S
City in southern Italy taken by Hannibal in 212 BCT
Rival city of Carthage which surrendered to Rome in 150 BCU
A class of light infantry in the armies of the Roman RepublicV
40 of these were taken to Italy; one was used to carry Hannibal after he fell ill (2 words)W
Greek mercenary who led the Carthaginians to victory at Tunis (255 BC)X
Modern name of the city in Armenia where Hannibal lived in exileY
Final battle of the Second Punic WarZ