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Can you name the players who have scored over 15 goals in Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga and Bundesliga ?
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Goals ScoredPlayersClub (Country)
48Real Madrid (Portugal)
43Barcelona (Argentina)
27Lyon (France)
26Manchester City (Argentina)
22Verona (Italy)
22Internazionale (Argentina)
22Atletico Madrid (France)
22Barcelona (Brazil)
21Marseille (France)
21Tottenham (England)
20Chelsea (Spain)
20Sevilla (Colombia)
20Juventus (Argentina)
19Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany)
19PSG (Sweden)
18QPR (England)
18PSG (Uruguay)
Goals ScoredPlayersClub (Country)
18Bilbao (Spain)
17Rayo Vallecano (Spain)
18Napoli (Argentina)
17Bayern (Poland)
17Bayern (Netherlands)
16Saint-Etienne (Côte d'Ivoire)
16Guingamp (France)
16Wolfsburg (Netherlands)
16Milan (France)
16Arsenal (Chile)
16Borussia Dortmund (Gabon)
16Barcelona (Uruguay)
15Sassuolo (Italy)
15Sampdoria/Napoli (Italy)
15Bordeaux (Uruguay)
15Real Madrid (France)