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Can you deduce the baby names suggested to new parents by babycenter.com in their 'Dark, Evil, and Scary' name list, given the initial, number of letters, and the website's explanation?
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Boy Names
(B, 5 letters)
The Friendly Ghost
(C, 6)
Child's Play
(C, 6)
Harry Potter
(D, 5)
Krueger, A Nightmare on Elm Street
(F, 6)
The Addams Family
(G, 5)
Greek god of the underworld
(H, 5)
The Silence of the Lambs
(H, 8)
Alfred, film director
(H, 9)
The Shining
(J, 4)
American poet
(P, 3)
The Addams Family
(P, 7)
Russian mystic, adviser to the Romanovs
(R, 8)
George A., director of Night of the Living Dead
(R, 6)
The Impaler, Romanian prince
(V, 4)
Girl Names
Poisonous plant; means 'beautiful lady'
(B, 10)
The Vampire Slayer
(B, 5)
The Silence of the Lambs
(C, 7)
101 Dalmatians
(C, 7)
(D, 9)
Poison _____
(I, 3)
Female demon in Jewish mythology
(L, 6)
Sleeping Beauty
(M, 10)
The Addams Family
(M, 8)
The Exorcist
(R, 5)
__________'s Baby
(R, 8)
The Teenage Witch
(S, 7)
The Ring
(S, 6)
The Little Mermaid
(U, 6)
The Addams Family
(W, 9)