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Can you name the first few words of these TV show titles given the last few words?
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YearStart of TitleEnd of Title
2005Your Mother
1974on the Prairie
1989the Bell
2003Top Model
1969Flying Circus
2005in Philadelphia
2006of Old Christine
1988Theater 3000
1972Is Right
1988Is It Anyway?
1957To Beaver
2000Hunger Force
1965of Jeannie
2005You Can Dance
YearStart of TitleEnd of Title
1989Home Videos
2007Plus 8
1993Medicine Woman
1999a Millionaire
1994an Angel
2007Waverly Place
1970Moore Show
1999with Jon Stewart
2000the Middle
2005Zack & Cody
2003the Straight Guy
2007a 5th Grader?
1965Our Lives
1999n Eddy
2007the Kardashians