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Can you name the reworded Christmas carols?
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RewordingChristmas Carol
Hey, approach all you who are steadfast
Ecstasy toward the orb
Hush, the foretelling spirits harmonize
Hey, minuscule urban area of southwest Jerusalem
Quiescent nocturnal period
Us, the autocratic triumvirate
The primary holiday
Embellish the corridors
(I'm fantasizing concerning a) Blanched yuletide
During the time ovine caretakers supervised their charges
Travel to the high place and relate it
The thing manifested itself at the midpoint of a transparent night
What offspring abides thus?
Removed in a bovine feeding trough
Valentino, the roseate-proboscis caribou
The diminutive percussionist lad
My auditory nerves perceived the chimes on December 25th
Seraphim we aurally detected in the stratosphere
RewordingChristmas Carol
Icy personage
I apprehended my maternal parent osculating with a corpulent, unshaven male in a crimson disguise
Creator take pause you cheerful sirs
My only yuletide desire is anterior denture work
Snowy seasons imaginary place of awe
Slightly less than a fortnight of noel
Father Christmas approaches the metropolis
Ancient benevolent despot
Hey, hallowed post meridiem
Group salutations for a happy noel
Senior citizen broadsided by a horned mammal
Create tintinnabulations
Visage is starting to very much resemble yuletide
Yuletide, please refrain from tardiness
Sterling Dingers
My sight organs focused on a trio of sailing vessels
Burnett of the chimes