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Can you name the 'C' themed answers to these historical questions?
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Who was the longest ruling female leader of Russia?
Who ruled as Lord Protector of England from 1653-58?
Which castle near Leipzig was used as a prisoner of war camp for repeat Allied escapees?
Which European country formally separated on 1st January 1993?
Who was the last Pharaoh of Egypt?
At which battle of the Hundred Years' War were up to a third of French noblemen killed?
A disaster at which Ukrainian power plant forced over 200,000 people to be evacuated?
Which Frankish king is listed as the first king of Germany, France, and the Holy Roman Empire?
In which North African city was Hannibal born in 247 B.C?
Who is the only US President to serve non-consecutive terms in office?
Which Wonder of the Ancient World was built on the Greek island of Rhodes?
Which Conquistador led the expedition that brought about the fall of the Aztec Empire?
Which Roman Emperor is said to have made his horse into a consul?
What did Henry VIII create when he wanted to divorce his first wife?
What is the name given to a series of wars fought in the Middle East from the 11th-13th century?
Which Italian 'sailed the ocean blue' in 1492?
Which country did Jacques Cartier claim for France in 1534?
Which Anglo-French transatlantic plane entered service in 1976?
During which war was Florence Nightingale dubbed 'The Lady with the Lamp?'
Which city was besieged by the British in 1807, in order to seize the Dano-Norwegian fleet?