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Can you name the slang terms used in pro wrestling?
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Good guy
Making oneself bleed
Guy in charge of storylines
A failed move
Non-televised match
WWE's term for female wrestlers
Wrestler's bodyguard
The move a wrestler usually uses to end a match
Illegal object
Wrestler's personality and/or distinguishing traits
Using weapons in a match; extreme wrestling
Booing from fans
Taking a loss
The illusion that pro wrestling is real; also the upkeep of that illusion
A 'fixed' event; could apply to wrestling as a whole
Mexican style of wrestling
Insider term for fans
Bizarre/mysterious wrestlers usually hail from here
Wrestler/actor who poses as a fan
Cheering from fans
The real-life head of a wrestling company
A general term for a wrestling company
Japanese pro wrestling
Being promoted from mid-card to main event
A real-life double crossing
'Real', mat-based wrestling
Act as if you were hit by a real move
A real event in wrestling; An unplanned comment or event
Vince McMahon's term for wrestling
A brief match where one wrestler dominates the other
A group of allied wrestlers
A structure sometimes erected around a ring to keep interference out
WWE's term for wrestlers
Going from good guy to villain (or vice-versa)
Neither a good guy or villain
Female accompanyment