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Which club did Michael Owen score two goals for in the 2001 FA Cup final?
What is the affectionate term given to the scenario in which a smaller club beats a bigger one in the competition?
Who are the only club to have won the FA Cup, Premier League and League Cup in the same season?
Name any club Arsenal have beaten in an FA Cup final since 2000
Which club famously declined an invite to the tournament in 2000?
What was the scoreline when Manchester City last won the Cup?
Which club won the last FA Cup final at the old Wembley and the first at the new Wembley?
Which Liverpool player scored a belter of a long-range strike to send the 2006 final to extra time at 3-3?
Which former Premier League winners have been to four finals but never lifted the Cup?
Which year did Portsmouth last win the FA Cup?
What was the nickname given to the FA Cup-winning side Wimbledon, by commentator John Motson?
Who are the only club to have won the FA Cup and been relegated in the same season?
Who is the only manager to have won multiple FA Cups in the 21st Century?
The 1986 FA Cup final was the first to feature two particular sets of rivals - name one of the teams
Which winger scored a winning wondergoal in the semi-final against Arsenal in 1999?
Which manager took Chelsea to their last two finals of the 2010s, winning one and losing one?
Who was the last Manchester United manager to have won the trophy?
Who is the only university to have won the FA Cup?
Name any club that has retained the FA Cup
In what year was the first FA Cup final to go to penalties?
Which second-tier club contested the 2004 final?
Which Welshman scored two FA Cup final winning goals for Arsenal?
Name any Manchester United player to have scored in an FA Cup final since 2000
In 2012, Chelsea won the FA Cup and which other trophy?
Roy Keane first played an FA Cup final with which club?
Who is the only non-English team to have won the FA Cup?
Which Manchester United player scored the winning goal in the 1996 FA Cup final?
Shrewsbury Town provided a huge upset when they beat which Premier League side in the third round in 2003?
In 1914, who became the first Welsh club to reach the second round?
An FA Cup game has only been held under a roof once. Which stadium did so in 2003?
In which year did Gary Lineker win the FA Cup with Tottenham Hotspur?
Fill in the blank: Queens Park are the only _____ club to have played in the FA Cup final
Which goalkeeper pulled off an incredible gravity-defying save against Sheffield United in the Cup semi-final of 2003?
Name any league team outside the top flight to have lifted the trophy
The 1953 FA Cup Final is affectionately nicknamed after which Blackpool legend?
In 1901, Tottenham Hotspur became the first team attach what to the FA Cup trophy, in a tradition that still exists to this day?
Two clubs from Blackburn have won the trophy. One is Blackburn Rovers - name the other
Which Liverpool defender scored a comical own goal in the FA Cup against Burnley in 2005?
One club holds the record for the longest time in possession of the FA Cup trophy - seven years - but only thanks to the competition's postponement during WWII. Who is this club?
Who's the only player to have scored in four different finals?
Name either of the two sides to contest the 'White Horse Final'
What year was the first FA Cup final?
The 1888 tie between Linfield Athletic and Cliftonville is the only FA Cup game to be played on which day of the year?
Which goalkeeper broke his neck in the 1956 FA Cup final, but played the entire game and collected a winners' medal?
Which player holds the record for having won the most FA Cups?
Who are the only non-league team to have won the FA Cup?
Who is the youngest player to have ever scored in an FA Cup final?
Fill in the blank: Tony Roberts became the first _______ to score in the FA Cup
Who were the first winners of the FA Cup?
Which club have scored the most FA Cup goals in the competition's history?