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Which club play 'You'll Never Walk Alone' before kick-off?
Who has won the most English league titles?
Which club played at Highbury?
Whose ground is nicknamed the Theatre of Dreams?
Which club broke the record for most points accumulated in a season in 2017-18?
Which club moved stadium most recently?
Avram Grant managed which team?
Which club's sister team is New York City FC?
Which club's record finish in the Premier League is only 2nd?
Which club's motto is 'To Dare Is To Do'?
Which club were the last to finish runners-up in the Champions League?
Which club famously beat Inter Milan 5-1 in the San Siro in 2003?
Whose early colours were sky blue and white halved shirts in the style of Blackburn Rovers?
Who broke the transfer record for a defender in 1999?
Which club beat Alaves 5-4 in a European final?
Which club won the Champions League in Munich?
Who had three goals ruled out for offside against Sao Paulo at the Club World Cup?
Which club has sold a player for the biggest fee?
Which club won the European Cup first?
Whose mascot is named Fred?
Which club were in three consecutive FA Cup finals from 2001 to 2003?
Who holds the record for least goals conceded in a Premier League season?
Which club is the novel and movie 'Fever Pitch' most associated with?
Angelino is on loan at RB Leipzig from which club?
Which club beat Ajax to lift the Europa League title?
Ian Callaghan made a record number of appearances for which club?
Which club were associated with the 'push and run' style in the 1940s?
Which club did Ed de Goey play for?
Whose CEO is Ferran Soriano?
Who won their first league title in 1955?
Which club hold the record for most consecutive clean sheets in the Champions League?
Whose local derby is referred to as the 'friendly rivalry'?
Who sold Oriel Romeu to Southampton?
Who beat Roma 8-3 on aggregate in the Champions League in 2006?
Who was defeated 6-0 by Bolton Wanderers' reserves in their first game?
Which club did Bill Nicholson manage?
Which club haven't won a League Cup this century?
Whose local rivals were the tenants of their stadium before they were?
Which club switched kit at half-time to Southampton in 1996, citing vision issues?
Which club's player most recently received a 10/10 rating from French publication L'Equipe?
Who are owned by the Fenway Sports Group?
Which club hold the record for the least amount of goals scored at home in a Premier League season?
Which club was keeper Michael Stensgaard playing for when he dislocated his shoulder putting up an ironing board?
Who was founded last?
At which club was Bob Wilson a goalkeeping coach?
Who are the only club to have been relegated with a positive goal difference?
Who holds the record for the most second-division titles (shared with Leicester City)?
Which club's shirt did Diego Maradona wear in a testimonial in 1986?
Who played Benfica most recently in a European final?
Which club substituted their goalkeeper on for the final match of the 2004-05 season as a striker?
The most decorated footballer in English football history played for which club?
Which club did Louis van Gaal grow up supporting?
Whose manager said 'If you eat caviar everyday, it's difficult to return to sausages'?
A player from which club was the first to have his entire performance broadcast on Match of the Day?
Who were the first British team to field an entirely foreign starting line-up in a Premier League match?
Which team's only defeat of their first Premier League title-winning campaign came against Manchester City?
Which is the only club to have managed two different unbeaten seasons away from home?
Whose first honour was the 1904 FA Cup?
Who were the first club to win the League Cup and FA Cup in the same year?
Who was relegated in the 1930s the season after winning the title?