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Who won the Premier League in 2004-05?
Who won the Champions League in 2001?
Who succeeded Steve McClaren as England manager in 2007?
Which club did David Beckham join in 2007?
Who was the Manchester United captain when they won the Champions League in 2008?
Who was Celtic manager when the Bhoys reached the UEFA Cup final in 2003?
Who was the Liverpool goalkeeper for the 2007 Champions League final?
Name any scorer in the 150th El Clasico, which took place in 2005.
Who was the Barcelona manager for the 2006 Champions League victory?
Which Italian club did Jaap Stam leave Manchester United for in 2001?
Who replaced Jose Mourinho as Chelsea manager - the first time around?
Which city hosted the 2006 World Cup final?
Which coach connects Brazil's 2002 World Cup victory with Portugal's Euro 2004 silver medal?
Who was in goal for all three of AC Milan's Champions League finals during the noughties?
Adrian Mutu played for six clubs either side of his 2003-04 Chelsea spell, all from the same country. Which country was this?
Marcelo Bielsa spent the noughties managing two nations: name either.
Two Arsenal players scored hat-tricks in the first game of Arsenal's 49-game unbeaten run. Name either.
What nationality was Yakubu Ayegbeni?
Which city hosted the 2000 Champions League final?
Which Liverpool striker was given the no.5 shirt when he signed in 2002?
Who won the 2003 Confederations Cup?
Who was the last England goalscorer at the old Wembley?
Who did Portsmouth beat in the 2008 FA Cup final?
Which Spanish club reached two consecutive Champions League finals in the noughties and won neither?
Who became the youngest player to score an England hat-trick during noughties?
Name either one of the two teams who took part in 'The Battle of Nuremburg' at the 2006 World Cup.
Which Cameroonian defender was Arsenal's first signing of the decade?
Who holds the record for the most consecutive Premier League appearances, which started in 2004 and lasted for 310 games?
Who scored after 15 seconds against Greece for England in 2001?
Michael Owen ended the decade at which club?
In 2007, a club won the Bundesliga who are no longer in the top tier. Who was that club?
Name either of the two teams who contested the 2000 League Cup final
Who did Manchester United loan Gerard Pique out to in the 2006-07 season?
Which manager claimed, 'Ricardo Carvalho seems to have problems understanding things, maybe he should have an IQ test, or go to a mental hospital”?
Which player scored a hat-trick in the 7-4 match between Portsmouth and Reading in 2007?
Arsenal won the league at two stadiums during the noughties. Name either.
Name any player who scored a penalty in Liverpool's 2005 Champions League win.
Grafite won the Bundesliga Golden Boot at which club?
Who fouled Michael Owen and conceded England's penalty against Argentina at the 2002 World Cup?
Which club was Sam Allardyce managing at the end of the decade?
Hidetoshi Nakarta played for which Premier League club?
Who captained Italy in the Euro 2000 final?
Which lower league side came from 3-0 down against Southampton to beat them in the FA Cup fifth round in 2001?
Who replaced Fabio Capello as Real Madrid manager in 2007?
Who scored the winner in the 3-2 thriller between Netherlands and Czech Republic at Euro 2004?
Who broke the record for the most England under-21 appearances during the noughties?
Which goalkeeper scored three penalties in the noughties, for three different teams, all against Juventus
Who was the first Premier League player born in the noughties?
Which club did Fernando Morientes end the decade at?
Which wonderkid because the youngest-ever Premier League scorer in 2005?