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Pundit Arena Daily Sports Trivia Challenge – Day 9
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Brian Clough won two European Cups with them
Midfielder with most Premier League goals (177)
Ireland played them in their last match at a Fifa World Cup
Uruguayan striker who played for Manchester United
They play at Craven Cottage
In what sport do England & Scotland compete for the Calcutta Cup?
Chicago NFL team
Mayo GAA home stadium
What sport do the LA Dodgers compete in?
Longest-serving Kerry Gaelic football manager (15 years)
Dundalk FC play here
They won Euro 2016
Host of the 2004 Olympics
Jose Mourinho won the Champions League with them in 2010
Memphis NBA team
Italian former England football manager
He presents Sky Sports' Soccer Saturday
Famous arena in New York City
GAA county nicknamed, 'The Tribesmen'
American who appeared in 310 consecutive Premier League matches