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Bundesliga Return: Test Your Knowledge on Recent Bundesliga History
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Who left Dortmund for Barcelona for £135m?
Which famous manager had the best win ratio last decade?
Who managed Dortmund to back-to-back titles last decade?
Who shocked Germany by winning the title in 2009?
Who scored a famous five goals in nine minutes?
Who broke the record for most assists in a single season in 2015?
Which foreign player boasts the most titles in history but left Bayern in 2019?
Who became the oldest goalscorer in Bundesliga history last year?
Who is the current manager of Bayern Munich?
Which club were relegated for the first-ever time in 2018?
Who finished second in their debut Bundesliga season in 2016/17?
Who broke the record for most goals in a single season by a foreigner in 2017?
Who recently became the most expensive Bundesliga signing in history?
Who managed Bayern Munich to a Treble in 2013?
Which player has been involved in the most goals this season?