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Pundit Arena Daily Sports Trivia Challenge – Day 12
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Reigning Super Bowl champions
Lifted the Premier League trophy in 2016
Took over from Eddie O'Sullivan as Ireland head coach
Shelbourne play here
Lost the most All Ireland football finals
2020 Ryder Cup Venue
Ali's opponent for Thrilla In Manilla
Most Grand Slam Men's Singles Tennis Titles
Winner of 1991 Rugby World Cup
2021 British & Irish Lions Head Coach
Reigning NHL Stanley Cup Champions
Shane Lowry is from which county
USA Ryder Cup Captain 2020
British Open Golf Trophy
2019 Hurler of the Year
Kilkenny play here
Raiders moved to Las Vegas from where
Top goal scorer in World Cup history
Ian Madigan moving to Ulster from which club
Former RTE Pundit who hosts popular podcast