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What is the capital of Croatia?
German football returns this weekend - who is currently top of the league?
What is L'Oreal's slogan?
How many days are in June?
Who directed the hit series Normal People?
Which is the biggest of these three counties - Wexford, Meath or Kilkenny?
Who wrote the Chronicles of Narnia books?
Where do Cork's GAA side play their home games?
Who is the front runner to go against Donald Trump in this year's election?
Finish the iconic line from Good Will Hunting - 'How do ya like them ----?
Who played John Boy in Love Hate?
What is the name of the dog from Frasier?
What county is Bunratty Castle in?
Who created the musical Hamilton?
What won best picture at the 2020 Oscars?
In what American state was a UFC event held last weekend?
What age is Justin Bieber?
What county is golfer Shane Lowry from?
Who voiced Thanos in the Infinity War movies?