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Pundit Arena Daily Sports Trivia Challenge – Day 13
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Famous German team from Munich
Eric Cantona played for them before he joined Man United
The new Republic of Ireland manager
Premier League top scorer 2019/20
Most expensive footballer in the world (198m)
GAA county nicknamed, 'The Rebels'
Boston NBA team
Steve McManaman joined after he left Liverpool
Host city of the 2016 Olympics
Top scorer at the 2014 World Cup
Denis Bergkamp played for them before he joined Arsenal
Most appearances by an Irish player in the Premier League (451)
The first and only boxer to defeat Anthony Joshua
Watford captain
New Orleans NFL team
Wolves' Mexican striker
Rugby League team from Leeds
They won the All-Ireland in 2003, 2005 & 2008
AC Milan & Inter Milan play here
He won the most England caps while playing for a non-British team (55)