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Pundit Arena Daily Sports Trivia Challenge – Day 8
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Irishman who played 722 times for Arsenal
They have won the World Cup five times
Mohamed Salah's club before Liverpool
Polish Bayern Munich striker
Ireland manager with highest win percentage (55%)
Serie A club based in the Italian city of Bergamo
San Antonio NBA team
Brazilian MMA fighter who lost to McGregor
Alan Shearer's strike partner when Blackburn won the Premier League
Miami NFL team
Celtic manager after Martin O'Neill
Paul McGrath played 323 times for them
Tyson Fury beat him in February 2020
Only French side to win the European Cup/Champions League
They knocked Ireland out of the 2015 Rugby World Cup
The O'Duffy Cup is a trophy in which sport?
Gary Neville coached them
Terrace in Croke Park
Boxer who represented Ireland at 2008, 2012 & 2016 Olympics
He won the Champions League with Ajax, Real Madrid & AC Milan