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Can you name the Name the Game-winning Goalscorers in These Cup Finals?
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The Finalplayer
2013 FA Cup final: Manchester City v Wigan
2006 Champions League final: Barcelona v Arsenal
2002 Champions League final: Real Madrid v Bayer Leverkusen
Euro 2004 final: Portugal v Greece
1974 World Cup final: West Germany v Netherlands
2014 Copa del Rey final: Madrid v Barcelona
Euro 2016 final: France v Portugal
2013 Europa League final: Chelsea v Benfica
2010 Europa League final: Atletico Madrid v Fulham
2018 FA Cup final: Manchester United v Chelsea
The Finalplayer
2008 Championship play-off final: Hull City v Bristol City
2017 EFL Cup final: Manchester United v Southampton
2011 EFL Cup final: Arsenal v Birmingham City
2007 EFL Cup final: Arsenal v Chelsea
2010 World Cup final: Spain v Netherlands
2007 FA Cup final: Portsmouth v Cardiff City
2001 FA Cup final: Liverpool v Arsenal
1996 FA Cup final: Manchester United v Liverpool
2014 World Cup final: Argentina v Germany
Euro 2000 final: France v Italy