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The XFL returns in 2020 but just how much do you know about the original version of the league?
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Who was better known by his nickname 'He Hate Me'?
Which XFL quarterback went on to win the NFL Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers?
Which popular US TV show had to be delayed because an XFL game went to double-overtime?
Which NFL Hall-of-famer was the XFL's 'Director of Competition'?
Where did the Las Vegas Outlaws play their home games?
Who won the XFL's 'Million Dollar Game?
Who was head coach of the Los Angeles Xtreme?
Which Chicago Enforcer suffered a broken leg during the epic double-overtime loss to the Los Angeles Xtreme?
Who was the head coach of the New York/New Jersey Hitmen?
Who scored the most touchdowns during the 2001 XFL season?
What was the nickname of the Orlando-based XFL team?
Which Heisman Trophy winner played running back for the Memphis Maniax?
Name the quarterback who's girlfriend was named Playboy Playmate of the Year in 1995?
The Demons played their home games in which US city?
Who finished the 2001 season as the XFL's leading receiver?
Which team had the highest average attendance after the 2001 XFL season?
Which XFL quarterback had a helicopter on standby in case his pregnant wife went into labour during a game?
The Chicago Enforcers played their games at which historic NFL venue?
Who finished the 2001 season as the XFL's leading passer?
Which Chicago Enforcer led the league in interceptions after the 2001 XFL season?
Which team scored the most points in the 2001 XFL season?
How many teams finished the 2001 XFL season with a winning record?
Who finished the 2001 season as the XFL's leading rusher
Which team played their home games at Legion Field?
Which former Mayor of Minnesota appeared on commentary in the XFL?
Ron Meyer coached which XFL team?
Who had the most receptions during the 2001 XFL season?
Where did the San Francisco Demons play their home games?
Which XFL quarterback was so bad he was booed by his own fans in Week 1?
Which former Memphis player went on to play in Super Bowl XLVIII for the Denver Broncos?