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Can you name the top 32 English goalscorers in the Champions League?
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Club (Position)PlayerGoals
Man United (FW)30
Man United (CM)24
Chelsea (CM)23
Liverpool (CM)21
Tottenham (FW)20
Liverpool, Man City (FW)19
Man United (FW)18
Man United, Real Madrid (RM)16
Arsenal (FW)15
Liverpool, Tottenham (FW)13
Liverpool, Real Madrid, Man United (FW)11
Chelsea (CB)10
Arsenal, Liverpool (AM)9
Man United (FW)9
Man United, Arsenal (FW)7
Blackburn, Newcastle (FW)7
Club (Position)PlayerGoals
Chelsea, Liverpool (AM)6
Leeds, Man United (FW)6
Celtic (FW)6
Real Madrid (RM)5
Man United (FW)5
Leeds (CM)5
Man City, Liverpool (CM)4
Tottenham (AM)4
Chelsea, Liverpool (FW)4
Arsenal (CM)4
Man United (CM)4
Chelsea (CB)4
Liverpool (FW)4
Man City (CB)4
Chelsea (CM)4
Blackburn (FW)4