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Can you get full marks in JOE's 19 in 90 quiz?
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What age is Katie Taylor?
What is the first name of Bruce Wayne/Batman's butler?
What colour is Barney the Dinosaur?
What is the capital of Finland?
Where do Shamrock Rovers play their home games?
Who is Ireland's Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport?
In which county would you find the Blarney Castle?
Who sings the iconic pop song 'Ignition'?
What is the name of the Star Wars movie coming out in December?
In what year did the first episode of LOST air?
What is the county town of Mayo?
What sport are Cork's O'Donovan brothers known for?
True or false - Graham Norton appeared in Father Ted?
What country is Arsene Wenger from?
What age is Billie Eilish?
In the Harry Potter books, which school house is Neville Longbottom in?
Who was Barack Obama's Vice-President?
What position does Stephen Cluxton play?
What country is Home and Away set in?