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Can you name the get full marks in Week 8 of JOE's Quickfire Quiz?
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Who came 4th in the Premier League last season?
In what year did Princess Diana die?
Which Westlife member left the group in 2004?
Who won I'm A Celebrity last year?
Which American rapper have Dublin group Versatile just released a song with?
Where in Ireland would you find Courtown?
If you were to train your trapezius muscle, what part of the body are you working on?
Which country's flag is the Irish flag backwards?
What is the name of the Kanye West album released last month?
What is the name of the Oscar-winning song from Frozen?
What county does Colm Cooper come from?
If it is 12 midday in Dublin, what time is it in Tokyo?
Who played Walter White in Breaking Bad?
Who is the oldest of these three men - Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Myers
Who is the current Minister for Housing in Ireland?
What country is superstar Justin Bieber from?
What colour is Star Wars character Yoda?
What age is Brendan Gleeson?
Who first released the classic song 'Fast Car'?