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Can you get full marks in Week 4 of JOE's Quickfire Quiz?
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Who is the Minister for Finance in Ireland?
The Young Offenders follows characters from which county?
What age is Hozier?
What is the name of the fourth Harry Potter movie?
Who won the 2016 UEFA European Championships?
What drug was accidentally made legal in Ireland for 48 hours during 2015?
Who plays the character Ron Burgundy?
Where is the tibia bone located?
A herbivore is an animal that eats meat. True or false?
Who plays Spider-Man in the MCU?
What rugby team also go by the name The All-Blacks?
Who presented The Late Late Show before Pat Kenny?
Who was Ireland's Taoiseach before Leo Varadkar?
What is force measured in?
What is rapper Eminem's real name?
What state was Donald Trump born in?
Who played the lead character in Irish movie The Guard?
What is The Rock's real name?
What was the name of the green Teletubby?