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Can you name the players that played in the previous record English NRL games?
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Wigan, PENRITH, Wakefield1976 - Penrith v Manly
Dewsbury, PENRITH1976 - Penrith v Manly
Wakefield, PENRITH, Balmain, Hull, Oldham1976 - Penrith v Manly
Castleford, MANLY, Hull, Wakefield1976 - Penrith v Manly
Hull KR, MANLY1976 - Penrith v Manly
Widnes, EASTS, St George, Wigan, London, Salford1989 - Easts v Wests
Widnes, Wigan, EASTS1989 - Easts v Wests
Bradford, Wigan, Balmain, WESTS, Leeds1989 - Easts v Wests
Hull, Balmain, Leeds, WESTS, Huddersfield, Doncaster, Bramley1989 - Easts v Wests
Hunslet, Bradford, WESTS, Wigan, Halifax1989 - Easts v Wests