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Can you name the 50 Fantasy Premier League players with the most points in 2018/19?
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Team (Position)PlayerFPL points
Liverpool (MID)259
Chelsea (MID)238
Man City (MID)234
Liverpool (MID)231
Liverpool (DEF)213
Liverpool (DEF)208
Arsenal (FWD)205
Man City (FWD)201
Liverpool (DEF)185
Everton (MID)182
Bournemouth (MID)181
Wolves (FWD)181
Man Utd (MID)179
Man City (DEF)177
Liverpool (GKP)176
Leicester (FWD)174
Man City (GKP)169
Bournemouth (FWD)168
Arsenal (FWD)166
Crystal Palace (MID)166
Chelsea (DEF)164
Chelsea (DEF)161
Everton (GKP)161
Tottenham (MID)161
Liverpool (FWD)160
Team (Position)PlayerFPL points
Tottenham (FWD)160
Tottenham (MID)159
Chelsea (DEF)158
Everton (DEF)158
Man City (MID)156
West Ham (MID)155
Cardiff (GKP)154
Man City (MID)154
Everton (MID)153
Man City (DEF)150
Newcastle (FWD)148
Leicester (DEF)146
Tottenham (GKP)145
Wolves (DEF)144
Crystal Palace (FWD)143
Man City (MID)143
West Ham (GKP)143
Chelsea (GKP)142
Bournemouth (FWD)141
Newcastle (FWD)141
Crystal Palace (DEF)140
Wolves (MID)139
Leicester (MID)137
Southampton (MID)137
Crystal Palace (MID)135