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Can you name which challenger had injuries based off of the injury's description?
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This girl 'popped her implants.
This rookie had leave the show after busting her lip open and having a toe fracture.
This guy left Bloodlines after rupturing his spleen.
This guy tried powering through a hernia.
This Fresh Meat vet had a knee injury as well as breathing problems.
This female faced an allergic reaction after being bitten by a spider.
This blondie had a bicycle accident but still returned to the game.
This man collapsed during the Gauntlet 3 final.
This guy was removed from the game after having received a concussion.
These teammates fell ill during the Cutthroat final.
This male was removed after getting a knee injury that needed stitches.
This male had to leave the game after getting a contagious viral infection.
This guy chose to leave the game after busting his chin open in elimination.
This girl continued to compete with a hand injury.
This man forfeited after suffering from a dislocated shoulder.
This female had a long fought battle with cancer.
This male for pulled from the game for having a pinched nerve in his back.
This person was suffering with PTSD after an elimination with Jordan.
This chick had to quit the final because she had a sprained ankle.
This vet dislocated her finger going against Aneesa.
This girl lacarated her foot while doing a cartwheel
This rookie left the game because of a previous back injury.
These two girls were too sick to compete in one challenge during Vendettas.
This guy got a broken nose in his elimination on Final Reckoning
This rookie broke his hand in his first challenge.