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Can you name every player to receive a red card from Mike Dean in the Premier League?
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Match and Club PlayerNation
Ipswich v NEWCASTLE (2001)Peru
CHARLTON v Leicester (2001)England
Charlton v LEICESTER (2001)England
ASTON VILLA v West Brom (2002)Republic of Ireland
Bolton v CHELSEA (2002)Nigeria
MAN CITY v Blackburn (2002)Australia
Spurs v SOUTHAMPTON (2002)Sweden
Arsenal v WEST HAM (2003)Northern Ireland
CHARLTON v Man City (2003)South Africa
Man United v BIRMINGHAM (2003)Northern Ireland
LEEDS v Leicester (2004)Australia
WEST BROM v Fulham (2004)England
West Brom v FULHAM (2004)Senegal
West Brom v FULHAM (2004)England
Bolton v SPURS (2005)Mali
West Brom v MAN CITY (2005)England
WIGAN v Everton (2006)England
Wigan v EVERTON (2006)Scotland
WEST BROM v Middlesbrough (2006)Scotland
Fulham v CHELSEA (2006)France
Newcastle v SPURS (2006)England
CHARLTON v Bolton (2006)Iceland
Charlton v BOLTON (2006)England
Blackburn v BOLTON (2006)England
Man United v READING (2006)Nigeria
FULHAM v Spurs (2007)Iceland
Blackburn v CHARLTON (2007)England
Sheffield United v WIGAN (2007)Scotland
READING v Chelsea (2007)Mali
BLACKBURN v Man City (2007)Turkey
Blackburn v MAN CITY (2007)Republic of Ireland
Man United v CHELSEA (2007)Nigeria
READING v Portsmouth (2008)Senegal
BIRMINGHAM v Arsenal (2008)England
BLACKBURN v Wigan (2008)Congo
Blackburn v WIGAN (2008)Honduras
Wigan v BIRMINGHAM (2008)Northern Ireland
Middlesbrough v STOKE (2008)Senegal
PORTSMOUTH v Spurs (2008)France
MAN CITY v Spurs (2008)Switzerland
MAN CITY v Spurs (2008)Republic of Ireland
Man City v SPURS (2008)Cameroon
Wigan v NEWCASTLE (2008)Cameroon
Sunderland v ASTON VILLA (2009)England
Spurs v ARSENAL (2009)Ivory Coast
BIRMINGHAM v Man City (2009)Scotland
Hull v STOKE (2009)Senegal
Portsmouth v STOKE (2010)England
CHELSEA v Man City (2010)Brazil
CHELSEA v Man City (2010)Germany
Match and Club PlayerNation
STOKE v Spurs (2010)England
ARSENAL v Newcastle (2010)France
Spurs v MAN UNITED (2011)Brazil
CHELSEA v Swansea (2011)Spain
Arsenal v SPURS (2012)England
Newcastle v SUNDERLAND (2012)Benin
Newcastle v SUNDERLAND (2012)England
Man City v QPR (2012)England
Man United v ARSENAL (2012)England
ARSENAL v Man City (2013)France
Arsenal v MAN CITY (2013)Belgium
Spurs v CHELSEA (2013)Spain
Cardiff v SWANSEA (2013)Netherlands
Crystal Palace v NORWICH (2014)Netherlands
SWANSEA v Crystal Palace (2014)Spain
West Ham v HULL (2014)Scotland
Aston Villa v NEWCASTLE (2014)England
MAN CITY v Chelsea (2014)Argentina
West Ham v NEWCASTLE (2014)France
West Brom v ASTON VILLA (2014)England
West Ham v CRYSTAL PALACE (2015)England
Leicester v NEWCASTLE (2015)England
Leicester v NEWCASTLE (2015)Netherlands
Chelsea v ARSENAL (2015)Brazil
Chelsea v ARSENAL (2015)Spain
Man United v WEST BROM (2015)Northern Ireland
Sunderland v STOKE (2015)England
WEST BROM v Bournemouth (2015)Republic of Ireland
WEST BROM v Bournemouth (2015)Venezuela
West Brom v MAN UNITED (2016)Spain
CHELSEA v Man City (2016)Belgium
West Ham v WATFORD (2016)Morocco
Spurs v SUNDERLAND (2016)Belgium
Bournemouth v SUNDERLAND (2016)South Africa
Spurs v WEST HAM (2016)New Zealand
SOUTHAMPTON v Spurs (2016)England
WEST HAM v Man United (2017)Algeria
Bournemouth v MAN CITY (2017)England
Watford v CHELSEA (2018)France
Crystal Palace v LEICESTER (2018)England
LEICESTER v Wolves (2018)England
Watford v MAN UNITED (2018)Serbia
Spurs v CARDIFF (2018)England
Arsenal v SPURS (2018)Belgium
NEWCASTLE v Spurs (2018)United States
Bournemouth v BRIGHTON (2018)England
Leicester v MAN CITY (2018)England
HUDDERSFIELD v Burnley (2019)Germany
Huddersfield v BURNLEY (2019)Republic of Ireland
Wolves v MAN UNITED (2019)England