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Can you name the players with the most yellow cards in PL history?
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Villa, Man City, Everton, West Brom123
Everton, Man United102
Charlton, Leeds, West Ham, Newcastle, Birmingham99
Saints, Blackburn, Bolton99
Man United97
Charlton, Chelsea, Newcastle, West Ham, Spurs, Fulham92
Leicester, Birmingham, Blackburn, Derby89
Villa, M'boro, Hull85
Bolton, Newcastle, West Ham85
Man United, Everton82
Man City, Newcastle, QPR. Burnley78
Man United, Newcastle77
Arsenal, Man City76
Everton, Sunderland, Villa, Bolton75
West Ham75
Everton, Man City, Villa, QPR74
West Ham, Man United, Liverpool, M'boro, Wolves71
Arsenal, Chelsea70
Man United, Chelsea, Saints, Everton, Blackburn70
Wimbledon, Chelsea, Leicester, Millwall, Saints70
Man United69
Chelsea, M'Boro, Stoke, Leicester68
Chelsea, Leicester 68
Man United, Sunderland, Stoke, Burnley67
Leeds, Everton, Newcastle, Bolton, Sheffield United67
Man City, West Ham66
Leeds, Blackburn, Newcastle 65