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Can you name the players to have represented both Wigan Athletic and Leeds United?
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Latics / Leeds UnitedAnswerClue
1984-1989 / 1995-1997Defender who started his career with Latics and joined Leeds United from Sheffield United.
2010-2011 / 2004 (loan)Brother of Latics' Sky Bet League One winning manager of 2015-2016.
2007-2008 / 2003-2004 (loan)Cameroon international left back.
2015 / 2003-2004 (loan)Wide midfielder with a great eye for a free kick. Starred in Big Brother 2018.
2013-2015 / Trainee-2005England international goalkeeper who has also played for Liverpool and West Bromwich Albion.
2013-2014 / 2004-2007Scottish full back, famous at Latics for his fist pump celebration.
2008-2009 / 2005 (loan)Jamaican international striker who signed for Latics from Watford.
2005 (loan) / 2004 (loan)Striker who was popular at Blackpool. Spent time at Leeds and Latics in the 2004-2005 campaign.
2003 / 2006-2007 (loan)Striker who briefly played for Latics before joining West Bromwich Albion. Joined Leeds on loan from Sheffield United.
2017-2019 / 2010-2012Current Latics defender and son of a former Latics manager.
2007-2009 / 2011-2014Tough tackling midfielder who wasn't shy of a yellow card or two.
2015-2016 / 2012-2015Tough tackling defender who captained Leeds and co-captained Latics. Won the Sky Bet League One title in 2015-2016.
2016-2017 / 2013-2015Ex-England international left back who captained both teams.
2017-2018 / 2013-2015Republic of Ireland striker who failed to score a league goal in his spells across both teams. Very popular at Reading.
2014-2015 / 2018-PresentCurrent Leeds midfielder who signed for Latics from Brentford under Uwe Rosler.
1978-1982 / 1973-1975Bradford-born defender who began his career at Leeds and finished it at Latics as part of the club's first Football League team.
1988-1989 / 1979-1980Forward who signed for Leeds as a replacement for Allan Clarke. Joined Latics from Bury in the late 1980s.
2007 / Trainee-2003Republic of Ireland striker who signed for Latics from Chesterfield, but just as quickly left for Hull City.
1994-1995 / 1986-1990Defender who saw his playing days out at Springfield Park. Came through at Aston Villa and joined Leeds from there.
1995-2001 / 1992-1995Canadian-born full back who joined Latics from Leeds and then went on to play for their local rivals Huddersfield Town.
1999-2001 / 2006-2007Charlton Athletic academy product who played for Latics and Leeds either side of his first of two spells with Luton Town. Midfielder.