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Can You Name The Historical Figure?
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First Man on the Moon
British Prime Minister during WW2
Painter of the Mona Lisa
President of the USA during the Civil War
British Actor and Director during the Silent Film Era
President of the USA After Kennedy
Famous Gangster in Chicago during the Prohibition Era
Last Emperor of Brazil
Famous Composer who died in 1791
First President of Weimar Germany
British Monarch who had 6 wives
Leader of the Indian Independence Movement against British Rule
Second President of the USA
President of France during WW1
Nazi Propaganda Minister
Author of War and Peace
First Leader of the Soviet Union
Marxist Revolutionary assassinated in Mexico
First female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
Prime Minister of the UK from 1874 to 1880
Last Emperor of Russia
Spanish Surrealist Painter born in 1904
Author of The Chronicles of Narnia
Scientist that discovered Penicillin
Famous American Film Producer that won 22 Oscars