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Can you name the last 50 players to score a Premier League hat-trick?
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Last hat-trick...PlayerCountry
Man City (vs West Ham)England
Newcastle (vs Southampton)Spain
Tottenham (vs Huddersfield)Brazil
Watford (vs Cardiff)Spain
Man City (vs Chelsea)Argentina
Wolves (vs Leicester)Portugal
Liverpool (vs Arsenal)Brazil
Liverpool (vs Bournemouth)Egypt
Chelsea (vs Cardiff)Belgium
Arsenal (vs Everton)Wales
Tottenham (vs Southampton)England
Everton (vs West Ham)England
Bournemouth (vs Huddersfield)England
Chelsea (vs Stoke)Spain
Bournemouth (vs West Ham)Norway
Everton (vs Bournemouth)Belgium
Burnley (vs Sunderland)England
West Brom (vs Swansea)Venezuela
Leicester (vs Man City)England
Arsenal (vs West Ham)Chile
Arsenal (vs Aston Villa)France
Southampton (vs Man City)Senegal
West Ham (vs Arsenal)England
Sunderland (vs Swansea)England
Leicester (vs Swansea)Algeria
Last hat-trick...PlayerCountry
Everton (vs Sunderland)Ivory Coast
Newcastle (vs Norwich)Holland
Everton (vs Chelsea)Scotland
Arsenal (vs West Brom)England
Crystal Palace (vs Sunderland)DR Congo
Aston Villa (vs QPR)Belgium
Stoke (vs QPR)Ireland
QPR (vs West Brom)England
Chelsea (vs Swanea)Spain
Man City (vs Fulham)Ivory Coast
Liverpool (vs Cardiff)Uruguay
Chelsea (vs Fulham)Germany
Chelsea (vs Man United)Cameroon
Sunderland (vs Fulham)England
West Ham (vs Reading)England
Liverpool (vs Fulham)England
Man United (vs Aston Villa)Holland
Man United (vs Norwich)Japan
Tottenham (vs Aston Villa)Wales
Arsenal (vs Reading)Spain
Wigan (vs Reading)Spain
Chelsea (vs QPR)Spain
Man City (vs Norwich)Argentina
Liverpool (vs Everton)England
Fulham (vs Wolves)Russia