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How Many Fun Facts About Stonehenge Do You Know?
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Location (country):
Location (county):
Name of upright stones:
Purchase price when Stonehenge was auctioned in 1915 (in pounds)
Length of largest stone (in feet):
Country of origin of the bluestones:
Name of the stone that marks where the summer solstice sunrise appears when viewed from the middle of the stone circle
Name of a 17th century antiquarian that studied Stonehenge:
Name of an 18th century antiquarian that studied Stonehenge:
Name of the archaeologist who led the Stonehenge Riverside Project:
Year of first legal protections:
Inscribed on World Heritage List:
A 12th century source attributes Stonehenge's construction to this wizard:
This Thomas Hardy heroine was arrested at Stonehenge:
Poet who wrote: 'Pile of Stone-henge! So proud to hint yet keep/Thy secrets....'