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Can you name the top 25 goalscorers at the 2010 World Cup?
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GoalsPlayerCountry (position)
5Germany (FW)
5Netherlands (MF)
5Spain (FW)
5Uruguay (FW)
4Argentina (FW)
4Germany (FW)
4Slovakia (FW)
3Brazil (FW)
3Ghana (FW)
3Uruguay (FW)
2Argentina (FW)
2Australia (MF)
GoalsPlayerCountry (position)
2Brazil (MF)
2Brazil (FW)
2Cameroon (FW)
2Germany (FW)
2Japan (FW)
2Mexico (FW)
2Netherlands (MF)
2Nigeria (FW)
2Portugal (MF)
2South Korea (MF)
2South Korea (DF)
2Spain (MF)