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Can You Name The Ten Irish Song?
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BREAKING NEWS: Man resisting Garda warning will not budge at all
A strange hobby that involves following automobiles
No matter how many times you typed this into Google Maps, you'd never get an answer
We've one simple question for you: Spiderman or Casper?
I tripped over myself on the pavement 'Once', it was a long time before I actually hit the ground though
An unreleased boxing movie showing Sylvester Stallone falling in love
If we could do this, Ryanair and Aer Lingus would be bankrupt in the morning
For a main road to the capital, it's in an awful bad state
This man believes that this girl's best quality is her silence
Man proposes to girl with 'pale blue eyes' but for some reason she has fecked off somewhere for good and he's had no 'peace nor joy' since she left