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How well do you know our West Ham United records?
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West Ham's record signing
West Ham's record appearance holder (707)
The West Ham player with the most Premier League appearances (382)...
West Ham's record goalscorer (326)
West Ham's record Premier League goalscorer (47)
West Ham's record win (10-0) was vs...
West Ham's record goalscorers in one match (6)
The Hammers goalkeeper with the most clean sheets (114)
The Hammers goalkeeper with the most Premier League clean sheets (47)
The youngest-ever West Ham debutant (16yr, 198d)
The oldest-ever West Ham debutant (38yr, 128d)
The most Hammer of the Year awards (5) have been won by...
And the most Young Hammer of the Year (est. 2008) awards (3)...
West Ham's highest ever attendance (59,988) was in March 2019 against...
West Ham's highest ever league finish is...