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Can you name the highest scoring defenders ever in the Premier League?
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GoalsPlayerPL clubs (country)
41Chelsea (English)
38Everton, West Ham, Portsmouth, Sheff United, Wigan (English)
32*Wigan, Everton (English)
28Leeds, Sunderland, Reading (Irish)
27*Aston Villa, Bolton, Chelsea (English)
26Newcastle, Aston Villa, Everton, West Brom (English)
25Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham (French)
24West Ham, Liverpool (English)
23Everton, Man City, West Brom, Aston Villa (English)
23Sheff Wed, Chelsea, Bradford, Southampton (Romanian)
22Chelsea (Serbian)
22Leicester (Scottish)
22Liverpool (Finnish)
21Chelsea, Stoke, Middlesbrough, Leicester (German)
21Liverpool, Fulham (Norwegian)
21Wigan, West Brom (Austrian)
20Nott'm Forest, Newcastle, West Ham (English)
20Tottenham, Arsenal, Portsmouth, Newcastle (English)
19*Arsenal (French)
19Aston Villa, Middlesbrough (English)
18*Everton (Irish)
18Man United, Wolves (Irish)
18Nott'm Forest, Leeds, Man City (Norwegian)
17Chelsea (French)
17Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough (English)
17*Man City (Belgian)
17*Sheff United, Everton (English)
16Aston Villa, Birmingham, West Brom (English)
GoalsPlayerPL clubs (country)
16Blackburn, QPR (Congolese)
16Liverpool (Slovakian)
16*Chelsea, Crystal Palace (Dutch)
16Tottenham, Liverpool, West Ham (English)
15Arsenal, Chelsea (English)
15Leeds, Bradford (English)
15Man United (Serbian)
15West Brom (Northern Irish)
15West Ham, Chelsea, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Stoke (English)
15*Bolton, Sunderland, Chelsea (Spanish)
15*Birmgingham, Blackburn, Crystal Palace (English)
14Stoke (English)
14Crystal Palace, Wimbledon, Ipswich, Chartlon, Portsmouth (Icelandic)
13Arsenal (Belgian)
13Man United, Sunderland (Irish)
13Nott'm Forest, Middlesbrough (English)
12Aston Villa, Liverpool (Irish)
12Arsenal (English)
12Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool (Ivorian)
12Blackburn, Chelsea, Southampton (English)
12Middlesbrough, Fulham, Birmingham (French)
12Newcastle (English)
12Newcastle, Man City, Leicester, Bolton (English)
12*Tottenham, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Watford (French)
12*Fulham, Man United (English)
12West Brom (English)
12Man United (English)