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Goal scored to make the scoreScorerHint
Liverpool 0-2 CHELSEA (27/04/2014)This one wasn't Gerrard's fault.
CHELSEA 2-2 Tottenham (02/05/2016)The title stopper.
NEWCASTLE 4-4 Arsenal (05/02/2011)Left footed volley.
MAN UNITED 3-2 Aston Villa (05/04/2009)Peaked too early.
SWANSEA 5-4 Crystal Palace (26/11/2016)Now at Spurs.
Man United 1-6 MAN CITY (23/10/2011)Scoring for fun at Roma now.
Liverpool 4-4 ARSENAL (21/04/2009)He scored all 4.
MAN UNITED 4-3 Man City (20/09/2009)He commentates now.
MAN CITY 3-2 QPR (13/05/2012)Martin Tyler went mad for it.
West Ham 2-3 TOTTENHAM (25/02/2013)Now at Real Madrid.