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Can you name the words that start with 'SH' from these clues?
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Liquid used in shower to cleanse hair
For example, circle, square, and trapezoid
Dark figure cast by blocked light
A small, crudely built cabin, or a little old place where the B-52s can get together
Religion native to Japan, defined as an 'action-centered religion'
One who tends to sheep
Famous British bard of comedies, tragedies and histories
A plant similar to a clover, used as a symbol of Christianity in Ireland
Islamic legal system derived from Koran
A cover for something that is elongated in shape, such as a sword
Led famous March to the Sea in the American Civil War
First name of detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle
Projectile used in badminton
Superorder of fish with types such as hammerhead and whale
A faster, alternate route
A smoothbore gun, designed to be fired from the shoulder that fires small shots
Done to a deck of cards before playing
To persistently avoid, ignore