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Can you name the England internationals to have played only one game in the last 20 years?
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YearPlayerClub at time (Position)
2018Southampton (GK)
2018Bournemouth (FW)
2018Brighton (CB)
2018Watford (CM)
2018Burnley (GK)
2018Bournemouth (MF)
2017Liverpool (FW)
2017Burnley (MF)
2017Southampton (W/FW)
2017Southampton (MF)
2015Liverpool (FW)
2015Tottenham (MF)
2014Liverpool (LB/RB)
2013Southampton (FW)
2012Stoke (CB)
2012Tottenham (CB)
2012Arsenal (RB)
2012Norwich (GK)
2012Liverpool (LB/RB)
YearPlayerClub at time (Position)
2012Sunderland (FW)
2011Wolves (LW)
2010Cardiff (FW)
2010Bolton (FW)
2008West Ham (FW)
2007Preston (FW)
2007Man City (MF)
2006Wigan (GK)
2004Celtic (MF)
2004Tottenham (CB)
2003Arsenal (FW)
2002Leeds (MF)
2002Blackburn (MF)
2002Bolton (FW)
2001Sunderland (MF)
2001Everton (DF)
2000Derby (MF)
1999Leicester (LW)