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Can you name every player to score for Chelsea in the Champions League?
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GoalsPlayerCountry (position)
36Ivory Coast (FW)
23England (MF)
12France (FW)
10Brazil (RW)
10England (CB)
10Spain (FW)
8Brazil (MF)
8Norway (FW)
8Belgium (LW/RW)
7Serbia (RB/CB)
7Brazil (MF)
7Ivory Coast (W/FW)
6England (LW/RW)
6Ghana (MF)
5Spain (MF)
4Argentina (FW)
4Brazil (CB)
4Ukraine (FW)
4Iceland (FW)
4England (CB)
4England (MF)
4Spain (MF)
4Senegal (FW)
4Germany (MF)
3Rep of Ire (LW/RW)
3Italy (MF/FW)
3Belgium (FW)
3France (LW)
3Cameroon (FW)
2Brazil (CB)
2Germany (LW/RW)
2England (LB)
GoalsPlayerCountry (position)
2England (FW)
2Serbia (MF)
2Portugal (CB)
2Holland (LW/RW)
2Portugal (MF)
2Nigeria (MF)
2Spain (FW)
2Spain (FB/CB)
2Italy (CM)
1France (FW)
1England (RW)
1Nigeria (LB)
1France (CB)
1France (CB)
1Holland (FW)
1France (MF)
1France (CB/LB)
1Italy (LW)
1Italy (RB)
1France (MF)
1Uruguay (MF)
1Romania (FW)
1Denmark (LW/RW)
1Russia (LB/LW)
1Russia (MF)
1Spain (FW)
1Spain (RB)
1Nigeria (RW/RB)
1Spain (RW)
1England (FW)
1England (RB)
1Romania (RB)